Our Story

AL-JUNEIDI’s history begins in 1905; the unique heritage we have shapes the way of our business today, it inspires us from the very beginning how to touch and improve the lives of our consumers every day.

Noman Al-Juneidi Food Industries - Jordan was officially established in 2008, we started with the launch of Path to Prosperity and Growth, the essential component of our successful work is the development of production technology and improvement of equipment, which facilitate the way of achieving our purpose of having the dairy products that taste great and enrich consumer well-being.

We continue to expand in the food market, we are dedicated to have a diverse range of innovative and reliable products to meet the present and future needs of our consumers in a sustainable way and we renovate the existing products and technologies as well.

Vision, Mission and Values


To provide our clients with good, nutrition, high quality products and make their life easier as well.


We are a leading Jordanian Company specialized in Food and beverage products, offering a wide and innovative range of high quality products at affordable prices. We dedicate our advanced capabilities, knowledge and high quality to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

We strive to strengthen our relationship with our clients in Jordan and the region to gain their utmost confidence in our products, thus, achieve the aspired growth and prosperity while contributing to the development of the national economy.


At AL-JUNEIDI, Five core values guide our actions as we work to achieve the best results. These values shows our character and our inspiration to have vibrant culture where the people can work out, the ideas can flourish and the success can blossom.

Our values bind us as one unit in order to work hard toward the benefits of our clients.

Integrity :

We do the right thing, that’s guided by moral framework that ensures fairness, we manage our work with honesty and transparency.

Excellence :

our endeavor to exceed expectations is one of our highest aspirations , we persistently create better ways to improve our professional journey to be the best in the food and beverage industry.

Innovation :

we embody our beliefs and attitudes about effective creativity, not just new ideas but ideas that work. we have a “can do” attitude that distinguish us from others and stay always one step ahead.

Passion :

We are passionate about what we promote, we delight our consumers and strive to make their life easier through the high quality of our products.

Diversity :

we attract and uphold our consumers seeking to produce the broadest range of products.
Quality and safety

Fulfilling our Commitment to Consumers

Quality and safety is one of our top priorities, we are eager to apply the highest standards of quality and regulatory in order to identify our consumer needs and to meet his expectations.

End-to-end quality assurance is our determination every day; we do care of the supplier selection, our permanent control from the farm to the chilled cabinet, raw milk monitor, innovative production methods and sophisticated laboratories where the ideal care dwells of lab-testing the quality of the raw milk at every step – at the farm, at the milk collection vehicle and before processing.

Our concern of hygiene standards are always applied in every single stage from the moment of receiving raw milk and during production process and also in the whole of the downstream packaging and transportation.

Quality Management System

In order to create valuable system for our consumers and to focus on their need and perceptions, we work hard on our quality management system to guarantee food safety and comply with the high quality standards. Our steps we take to improve that quality is always evidence-based.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

We have a fully equipped staff to fulfill the requirements of good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) requirements to ensure the application of the most effective and efficient quality process.

The success requires the highest quality standards from all of us to have positive impact in day-to-day business, each one of us must uphold these at all times.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)

We do implement the internationally recognized system (HACCP) which is important for reducing the risk of safety hazards in food. It covers the entire food production process from raw materials to distribution and consumption. Our HACCP plans and systems are verified by external certification bodies against the international ISO 22000-2005 standards.

Gluten-Free products

We understand the difference it makes for our consumers to have Gluten-free alternatives for everyday foods, so we assure them that all our products are made in approved gluten-free environment.

Staff qualification

Happy Employee, Happy Customer

Great part of our success comes from our motivated and performance-oriented employees that work 24 hours to secure the success of our business; our belief in our employee success drives us to a great attention of training and development opportunities which are very important tools in order to improve our work results and achieve our goals and objectives of our quality policy.

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