Of Us

We work every day to be the partner of all the best moments that come when you enjoy with your family and all the stories that happen on your food table.

We work every day to make your life a little bit easier with our wide variety of fresh and long-life dairy products, fresh yogurt, natural juices, salads, desserts, water and others.

We work every day to get the best quality nutrition and we are proud of the commitments our products have made and look forward to making a greater regional impact.


Taste Life

Our fresh products delivered to your home on daily bases to guarantee the quality and the great taste you look for, Our dairy products are the healthy choice for all the family, they provide a unique powerhouse of nutrients: protein, calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin A, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and zinc.

All of these nutrients are important to enhance your system and gain proper nutrition, its ideal for you and all family members.


Freshly Smoothies

Your happiness starts with a delicious glass of Al-JUNEIDI Juices, let it brighten the start of your day with every sip of a distinct range of fruit’s essences.

In addition to the flavors you enjoy year-round, we continue to offer the unique flavor of seasonal fruits, indulge yourself in the taste of fresh goodness.


Sparkling Natural

The purest water in the world!!

Refresh your day with our purified, ozone and UV treated water product range which gives you the chance to renew your energy.
It’s Credible, Safe and proven purification process ensures clean drinking water.


Your Favorite

The wide variety of our salads drives you making the right choices really easy, don’t think too much you will love how convenient, fresh, and healthy they are.

Salads are made of high-quality ingredients; you have no excuse to not eat fresh when you’re out and about.



The combination between technological innovation and tradition has motivated us to improve our wholesome and easily digestible Mortadella.

Smooth, authentic and developed with a unique and delicious flavor will delight your whole family.



We cover everything; we don’t forget to share our traditional food products throughout the world.

After intensive product development process and when it came to ensuring high-quality products without resorting to artificial ingredients, we created these stuffs that help you to quickly and easily recreate Arabian classics and meals.


Make it special

We employed our innovations to make you indulge yourself and expand your horizons by trying our desserts; AL-JUNEIDI has an endless list of desserts with new flavors and textures that they are made with healthy ingredients.

Are you ready for an indulgent and distinctive dessert adventures?

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