4th Arab Conference for Nutrition - JO Uni
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Tue, 2012-04-03

Was opened by Princess Alia Al Hussein in the University of Jordan on Tuesday 5th April, 2011. the Fourth Arab Conference for Nutrition, organized by the Arab Center for Nutrition in Bahrain in collaboration with the Faculty of Agriculture at the University

Princess Alia also was opened on the sidelines of the conference exhibition for food industries included posters, leaflets and nutritional guidance.

Noman Juneidi Food Industries -sponsored "Fourth Arab Conference on Nutrition in the Middle East", which was held in the period between 05-07 April in the University of Jordan - Faculty of Agriculture - in Amman under the patronage of Princess Alia. The company's sponsorship of this conference, in line with its commitment to the Permanent discuss issues of food, nutrition and public health in the Arab world.

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