Beginning & Development
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  • The beginning of Juneidi's business was in 1905 when its production was limited to the use of modest domestic experience only, but with high professionalism. Our goal and planning steps were clear and stable, therefore, our vision and perception became more conceptualized and comprehensive, aiming at turning the craft into an industry through transforming the humble home-based production to more comprehensive quantitative and qualitative production with commercial activities.


  • The company ‘s approach is technology and modernity as a method for sustainability in work, while enhancing the development in all areas with regard to production lines and to accommodate the growing demand for the company's products, the company also adopted modern management concepts of comprehensive quality with concentration on product quality.


  • The company believes that the base for a successful sustainable business is in providing the best service for the market and the society, and to seek meeting the needs and interests of the consumer along with encouraging the continuous research and development in line with production management to add new varieties to the products in order to achieve the expectations and needs of the consumers and to cope with the continuing development and intense competition.
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